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Moodset • Live Writing Project

  • Yauca's Lounge 755 Dovercourt Road Toronto, ON, M6H 2X1 Canada (map)


This project is a combination of a showcase and a workshop. It will feature a set of our original music and also encapsulate our usual process of composing and arranging music. Partially inspired by Esperanza Spalding’s recent live-stream video of the creation of her newest album, we bring to you a behind-the-scenes view of the creative process and inner workings that occur as our music is being created. During our rehearsals, we found that these moments of collaborative energy and focus were particularly memorable and deserve to be shared beyond the confines of a private rehearsal. This writing project will thus feature us composing and arranging music in real-time before a live audience. Throughout the process, we encourage questions and suggestions from the audience - everyone, musician or not, should feel that they can contribute as much or as little as they would like.


The performance will begin with a regular set of Moodset's original music, then the creative process will unfold.

We would like to request all our friends, peers, and audience members to submit a musical idea or an artistic element, as we will be taking your submissions and transforming them into full-length songs/pieces during our performance.

[Examples of Submissions]
- Basic structure/form (e.g. AABA) and/or tempo/time feel
- Thematic material (e.g. nature, love, etc.)
- Chord progression of 2-4 chords (e.g. Amin7 | Ebmaj7 :||)
- Short lyrics (e.g. key words, line of poetry) or a title
- Short melody/motif
- Non-musical art (e.g. lines from a script, dance move/position, visual art piece, photograph, etc.)

You can submit your ideas to the following email address:

Please submit ideas by Tuesday, February 5th, 2019, 5:00 PM.

We will choose 3-4 submissions during our performance.

Any submissions that are deemed inappropriate, discriminatory, or offensive in any way by members of the band will be disqualified from usage.

Alexa Belgrave, keys
Madeleine Ertel, trumpet
Caleb Klager, bass
Mackenzie Read, drums
Jacqueline Teh, voice


We have always been and continue to be inspired by the peers that surround us and the new artists we meet as we continue our journey as Moodset. We hope that you will join us and collaborate with us on this exciting new project.

$10 Cover – Tickets available at the door and at the following link:

This project is a part of the Toronto Jazz Festival's TD Discovery Series Special Projects.

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